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Despite enjoying the weekend basking in the glorious sunshine, most of us would have been disappointed on Monday morning when not greeted by the usual grey clouds. ‘It’s too hot to be in an office today’ and ‘surely an early finish in this weather is only fair’ would have been on everyone’s minds as we sat down at our desks and begun our Monday morning routine.

However, the show must go on! I am sure our clients would not find ‘we sent everyone home to sunbathe’ as a suitable excuse for their candidates not being paid, invoices not being raised and payments not being chased!

So how do you keep your teams motivated, cool and calm when they are dreaming of sunshine and ice creams? Here are a few things you can do:

  1. Wearing light and comfortable clothes seems like a no brainer but make sure you wear breathable materials or light fitting clothes. We have a Dress down summer policy where our team donates to charity to allow a relaxed dress code – we love it!
  2. Stay hydrated! On a normal day, water is essential to keep your brain working but it is even more crucial in this heat. Make the most of water coolers if you have them or improvise with a jug in the fridge if not.
  3. Place fans strategically – having your fans by a window so it pushes out the warm air is a great way for a single fan to benefit the few. So if you are short on fans but big on people, have a think about where your fans are located!
  4. Try not to complain about the heat; it turns out its counterproductive! Being British obviously means that we are all experts on the weather, and we like to give our opinions come rain or shine. Moaning about how hot it is, is a complete waste of energy and will probably make you feel even hotter!
  5. Surrounded by sugar filled lollies and delicious ice creams but trying to be good? Why don’t you freeze some fruit and let the healthy goodness cool you down? Fruit Smoothies and fruit cubes are some examples of how to make a healthy refreshing frozen treat.

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