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It’s no surprise that in 2016 we have shed loads of data at our fingertips, but are we using this in the best way possible? Agencies that use data in their recruitment activities are three times as likely to reduce costs and gain efficiency!

Jibe’s recent study shows that 32 hours per month are spent, on average, managing and manipulating data! This is nearly a whole working week that could be used growing your network and building relationships with potential recruits.

According to the most recent Linked in report, the need for recruitment will grow by 62% year on year with only 44% of agencies intending on increasing their spend – the use of Big Data is becoming increasingly more necessary.

I have identified 5 small ways to start your journey pf using Big data:

1. Explore trends on Google

Remember that Google doesn’t need to just be used a search engine, it has many built in features such as Google Trends that can be used to collate results from the data it already holds.

2. Social Media

Companies in all sectors are now using social media to keep a close and personal relationship with their customers. There are many tools you can use that will group all mediums together to give you a summary of your search results, a great free tool is SocialMention.com

3. Monitor your Social Graph

Your social graph is the people you are connected to on social networks. LinkedIn has now purchased the website Newsle that was used to search the internet for content and matches it to people in your social graph. Now if a connect is mentioned anywhere in the news, LinkedIn will show you.

4. Get your website quantified

When looking at your website traffic reports, are you wondering how you can get more information? Well Big Data can help you answer that! Quantcast is a free tool where you can enter your website URL and you can received a free report that will provide information about your visitors. That way you can identify trends and patterns and direct your communications in the right direction.

5. Retarget!

Cookies are used more and more everyday but have you considered using cookies to ensure you are targeting potential customers. There are companies who can help you use cookies to enhance your advertisements or online presence. That way you can automatically re advertise to those who have already visited your site, whether it be jobs, your products and services or information about your company!

At Outsauce we understand the different elements of what’s required when it comes to recruitment and alongside our factoring and payroll solutions, we are constantly learning about new ways to assist in the efficiency of your day to day tasks.