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Whether you are a company hiring for a vacant position or an individual looking for a new opportunity, there are major benefits to using a recruitment agency.

The team here at Outsauce are recruitment experts and working with recruitment agencies daily I have put together 10 main benefits on using a recruitment agency for your hiring needs.

1. Agencies have, over time, built a wide variety of connections across different sectors. This will increase your chances of getting the possible fit for both the employer and candidate.

2. When you are job hunting, how fantastic would it be to give your CV to just one person and let the opportunities come to you? Well that’s exactly what happens with a recruitment agency! Think of all the time you will save.

3. On the subject of time saving, if your company doesn’t have a designated recruitment team in house, and there are positions that need filling, who would complete the required work? Usually someone will complete this process on top of their normal responsibilities which could result in daily tasks being missed. So why not speak to a recruitment agency and let them do all the heavy lifting for you!?

4. Recruitment Consultants can also offer advice on salary. This can ensure that expectations are set for both parties before the interview takes place.

5. For a job seeker, using a recruitment agency to find the perfect job role is completely free – so why not!?

6. Confidentiality is important to all of us whether you are in full time employment looking for something new or you’re recruiting and would like to keep your company name private from public advertisements. Recruitment agencies can assist with both areas as the will only pass information on to approved people / companies.

7. Recruitment agencies build relationships with the companies hiring. This has massive benefits to both the employer and potential candidate as they get to know the brand and the company vision, placing candidates that can thrive!

8. Cost saving for employers is a huge benefit of using a Recruitment agency because although there will be a fee charged for completing the work, money will still be saved through not reduced overtime requirements and posting adverts. You should also consider the impact in-house recruiting has on business as usual and whether there are any negative impacts to business costs.

9. It may be that you only need temporary staff which is where an agency would suit your needs. They probably have temporary staff that they place regularly which may get your positions filled quickly.

10. Recruiters have heaps of marketing expertise so they know the best places to advertise and use the best method, based on experience, to attract their target audience.