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Back in 1980 when Dolly Parton wrote her anthem for oppressed female office workers, one of the reasons it became so popular, was the lyrics and sentiment was so of its time. As many hummed along with their own cup of ambition they would reflect on how real the theme was.

Nearly 40 years on and the working landscape, not least the conditions of working women portrayed by Dolly Parton Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda, has changed dramatically.

It should be noted that this change was predicted as early as 1930 when the British economist John Maynard Keynes suggested that the working week would be drastically cut, to perhaps 15 hours, with people choosing to engage far more in leisure activities as their material needs were satisfied.

Of course, Keynes wasn’t one hundred percent accurate as few of us live that particular dream, the 40-hour week has largely endured and in many cases extended, but he was right to expect profound cultural and technological changes. The advancement of digital technology and with it a huge attitudinal shift has made a lot of Dolly’s ‘9 to 5’ paradigm look archaic and has had a huge impact on the way workers now behave and recruiters have to work.

Freelancing and self-employment are on a steep upward curve, while the Gig economy is booming. Shift work is increasingly prevalent as businesses stay open later. Even full-time, Monday to Friday employees are typically expected – and in turn expect – a level of flexibility around their usual contracted working hours and recruiters need to keep up.

Cloud-based technologies are removing the need for a physical ‘office’ space as workers can now securely access their work whenever and wherever they need to. This has resulted in an unprecedented rise in the number of recruiters regularly working from home and the need for employers to provide the technology needed for consultants to still do their jobs effectively.

This new culture of flexibility and opportunity means workers can enjoy many different work experiences, but what unites them is that whatever constitutes a job or number of jobs to them, they are able to get paid accurately and on time.

As part of the support package offered by Outsauce Financing to recruitment agencies, their consultants, clients and workers is 24-hour access to the online Candidate Manager Timesheet solution.

This cloud-based portal offers the flexibility many recruiters feel is necessary to keep pace with the changing nature of the industry but also means that whatever a contractor’s hours or work pattern, they, their employer and the agency that has placed them can be confident of timely, accurate payment.

The Candidate Manager portal is used by the recruitment agency to access their facility and movements within it, including funds in use, availability, sales ledger balance and any disapproved funding.

Candidates meanwhile, receive a login for the portal as soon as their profile has been created on the system. They can enter timesheets and view payslips, personal and assignment information from here whenever and wherever they want.

Your clients can then login and authorise these timesheets at a time that suits them leaving paper timesheets in the past and ensuring a trail for timely payment.

Outsauce client Simon Noakes, MD of Bespoke Recruitment (Construction) explains, “The product we use has developed with the market and provides the flexibility demanded by recruiters. Many of our team work remotely or from home, not all are full time in an office, so having a system that is accessible in the cloud, from anywhere that offers us, clients and candidates a real-time authorisation and reporting tool is perfect for our needs”.

Being cloud based, the Candidate Manager system is also scalable, with Simon adding, “It’s suitable for any business from a sole trader up to a multi-million pound organisation.”

Whilst the original song is still a popular end of the week sing-a-long favourite, many of its themes are out of date. Recruiters need the solitons to keep pace with the changing nature or work patterns and attitudes of workers. Maybe if a remake is made it will have to be called 9 to 5, then  6 to eight and 12 to four on Saturday.

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